Mary Marmorstone

Mary Marmorstone - Yoga Instructor
Mary studied Shambhava Yoga and Meditation at Colorado’s Shoshoni Yoga Ashram, and is certified in Hatha Yoga as well as pre and postnatal yoga. She has been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Therapeutic Yoga classes since 2005. Mary was inspired to become a yoga teacher because of the positive impact yoga had on her own life. This nourishing practice has become essential to Mary as a way to heal her own body from years of competitive gymnastics, and to encourage self-compassion and acceptance. Mary’s background in Exercise Physiology informs her practice with a deep understanding of anatomy and therapeutic lifestyle medicine. She believes in the power of mindfulness-based meditation as a practice to build our mental and emotional awareness, cultivate compassion for ourselves and others and calm the overwhelmed mind in our world of constant stimulation and stress. Mary is also a certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach and founder of Guiding Path Health Coaching. You can learn more about Mary's practice at

Melainya Ryan

Melainya Ryan - Vibrant Lives Yoga Educator
Melainya’s love for yoga was instantaneous. After struggling with body image issues since childhood, yoga initially provided Melainya with an opportunity to appreciate her physical container and to honor its strength. Through practicing, Melainya discovered the connection between mind, body, and spirit and learned how to use the body to calm and quiet the mind. Melainya attended YogaMotion Academy and was certified and registered as a yoga educator in May of 2015. As a lifelong student of yoga, Melainya continues to seek avenues of growth; she is currently working towards her 500-hour certification and enrolled in a two year meditation teacher certification program. She is grateful for the opportunity to share yoga, both the physical practice and the philosophy, with all those who desire increased knowledge. . . always learning, always growing.

Nathan Freeman

Nathan Freeman - Mindfulness Instructor
Nathaniel Freeman believes in mindfulness as a means of stress reduction, improving physical health, and furthering overall happiness. He has led meditation groups and exercises in diverse communities such as the Montana State Prison, the Missoula County Juvenile Detention Facility, and the University of Montana Western. Nathaniel lives in Dillon with his wife and two boys, who provide daily opportunities to put the practice into use.

Shaina Torgerson

Shaina Torgerson - Yoga Instructor
Shaina has been practicing yoga since she was just 12 years old, starting with Bikram, then Vinyasa and Hatha.Yoga has become a huge passion of hers over the years, and loves having the opportunity to share it with others. As an all-around fitness enthusiast, she finds balance both mentally and physically with avidly practicing Vinyasa style yoga. She has been teaching at Vibrant Lives since 2016, and works remotely for tech start-ups full time. She lives with her wildland firefighter boyfriend and chocolate lab, and is the first to say that she is a proud Montana transplant. Shaina enjoys going on road-trips to find new foods to try, and adventures to be had. In her free time, she stays active by working out at home, attending Crossfit, hunting, mountain biking, and simply enjoying the outdoors with her dog and boyfriend.

Tara Fahrner

Summer Jennings - Yoga Instructor
Tara Fahrner is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She found yoga after studying ballet for 15 years and has been practicing Baptiste-style and Ashtanga Yoga since 2008. Tara had the opportunity to integrate yoga and meditation into her physical therapy practice while working at Duke University Medical Center in pulmonary and cardiac rehab. She enjoys working with people of all abilities and experiences, and believes yoga is truly for everybody. She became a 200-hr. certified yoga instructor in 2015. Her love of the outdoors brought her to Montana in 2015. In her spare time, Tara enjoys running ultramarathons and enjoying this beautiful state.